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A Mysterious & Thrilling Young Adult Novel

Take a trip to Windward Cove, the setting for my young adult novel "A Place of Shadows." Set on the Northern California coast, the story follows Ben Wolf, a young man with psychic abilities who moves with his mother to a rambling Victorian farmhouse inherited from his deceased aunt. He soon finds himself embroiled in a mystery dating back to the nineteen-forties, the solution of which he desperately hopes will free his mother from the malevolent spirit that is slowly reaching out to claim her. Place your order today!

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I have always enjoyed writing and reading. In fact, it was my father — an aspiring author himself — who sparked and encouraged my interest. I’ve been at it ever since, crafting tales in the paranormal, suspense-thriller, sci-fi and fantasy genres, and my passion for storytelling only continues to grow. So come along, won’t you? The path ahead may look dark and scary, but take my hand, and we’ll find our way through the shadows together.

David M. Lafferty

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